Ep. 20: The Lost Ed Wallick Tape

Experience the lost discussion from Tom’s disastrous 2012 trip to San Francisco to visit Ed Wallick, wherein Tom was imprisoned for a week in a basement and Ed elected to stop eating meat.  Featuring Sam Garza of My Friends and I and Bonnobo of The Bonn and Obo Show.

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Ep. 19: Puff Chrissy

Ages ago, Christian Dumais (creator of Drunk Hulk and author of Empty Rooms Lonely Countries) actually took time out of his life to talk with Tom and Destination Asphyxiation.  Today, Tom decides to release this discussion.

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The thrilling conclusion to the Great Video Game Debate from ages ago, featuring Jon Butler, Taylor Ripley of TurkReno Inc, and Scott Clark of The Hollywood Outsider.

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Destination: Asphyxiation returns!  This week, I’m joined by Jon Butler, Taylor Ripley, and Scott Clark (The Hollywood Outsider) in an epic discussion/bar fight centered on video games.

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Episode 14: Destination: Daycast

We’ll be going a little out of order this week as I present to you the second half of last week’s Don’t Quit Your Daycast Episode 33: Don’t Quit Your Asphyxiation.  I’m a little late in posting, so please bear with me.  I’ve had an incredible streak of bad luck with technology this week that’s seen not one, but two laptops kick the bucket.  As I write this, I’m at my office (at 11:27 on a Sunday evening — it’ll be less than eight hours before I’ll be back here for my shift!) to edit, upload, and post this episode for you on my work computer.  

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Are you in San Diego?

Do you like the idea of belonging to a community that may or may not exist?

Do you like to talk, but don’t necessarily want to talk to me more than once a week?

If you’ve answered yes to one of more of those questions, then you may be looking forward to joining a podcast as established and stellarly received as Destination: Asphyxiation!  We’re looking to scoop up a permanent, full-blown cohost and a less-intensive sidekick.

It’s an easy gig!  All you gotta do is commit to at least one day a week to meet up and record with me.  There may or may not be additional guest hosts via Skype or on mic, but I need to establish a core group of hosts to get the show into a regular format.  There’s no research (unless you absolutely feel like it!), no homework (unless all those years in grade school have turned you into some weird masochist and the only way you can get off is to do homework, in which case, I’ll be happy to help), and no embarrassing sexual photos.

Destination: Asphyxiation has previously featured such podcast neo-celebrities and Twitter personalities as Don’t Quit Your Daycast‘s Ed Wallick, Tiny Odd Conversations‘ Travis Clark, Doghouse Bastards‘ Scott Clark, and others.

I’m told people actually listen to this thing (assuming the community isn’t populated by imaginary folks), and I’m tired of having to scramble around to find people to be on the show.  In the last month or two, the show has seen some tremendous, rapid growth (including a listing in iTunes’ New and Noteworthy), and I’m trying to keep that positive direction moving and nail down a solid format. Come aboard and we can get it set. Destination: Asphyxiation is available on Stitcher Smart Radio and iTunes, as well as streaming here through the website.

All interested candidates should email us at tom (at) destasph (dot) com and we’ll get into touch!

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This week, I present you with an episode recorded ages ago in the faraway November of 2012.  Your host is joined once again by Robert Patrick of Cinema Spartan, Bonnobo from The Bonn and Obo Show, Eli, and newcomer Garrett.

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My latest attempt at a live show isn’t exactly suited to be an episode on it’s own.  That’s because I hardly got any words in with all the chaos of foreign accents slinging themselves around.  So, I’ve decided to release it as a special Thanksgiving episode, as many of the folks on the show have supported my podcast and rallied for me, resulting in some tremendous growth over the last six or seven weeks.  The great irony is many of the folks who called in aren’t American, and therefore don’t celebrate Thanksgiving!  I’m sure they’ll forgive me as I’ve forgiven them for being heathens and not indulging in this gloriously gluttonous American Holiday!  I was joined by Kat Sorens of The Rigid Fist, Angus Doodall of Royal and Doodall, Davian Dent of The Bitter Sound, Scott Taylor of Doghouse Bastards, and briefly Ed Wallick.

If you called in and I’ve forgotten you, please forgive me.  It’s quarter past midnight as I type this after a long Thanksgiving Day, so my mind has pretty much shut down.  I’ll edit this post later to link to all of your shows.

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